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3 X 3 (80MM) Logisys LT400GN 4-GREEN Led Case Fan W/3-PIN And 4-PIN Connectors (clear)

Rating 4
3 X 3 80MM LT400GN 4GREEN Led Case Fan


Color: Green
Package Quantity: 1

When you are in the market for a 80mm case fan I've put together some good info. Consider the 3 X 3 80MM LT400GN 4-GREEN Led Case Fan, a great item from Logisys. A list of characteristics include rated current: 0. 16 a, air flow: 21. 71 cfm, noise: 20 d ba, clear case fan and power: 1. 92 w. The fan dimensions are 3.15"H x 3.15"L x 0.98"W. The fan comes in green. Buying a 3 X 3 80MM LT400GN 4-GREEN Led Case Fan, visit the weblink below.

Keep your case running cool and illuminate it with an impressive light show. This Logisys LT400GN 3 x 3-inch (80 mm) Case Fan is equipped with 4 LEDs that light up getting a cool green color. It functions a fan speed of 1800 RPM and an air flow of 21. 71 CFM! Cool your PC and give it life by illuminating it with this Logisys LT400GN Case Fan!


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