92mm Case Fans

92MM Nexus Case Fan Wire Grill WG-92

Rating 4
92MM Case Fan Wire Grill WG92


The 92MM Case Fan Wire Grill WG92 made by Nexus is a fantastic fan for the system. 814436012595 is the UPC barcode aka the Universal Product Code for this fan. Among the list of best features is the excellent quality, long lasting life time. Additional features include includes four mounting screws and easy installation. The 92mm cooling fan has a weight of 0.07 lbs. 92MM Case Fan Wire Grill WG92.

92mm Nexus Case Fan Wire Grills These Nexus case fan wire grills, maintain the case fans and computer safe. The wire grill stop items like loose cables or other parts obstructing the case fan which finally could harm the case fan or in worst circumstances the full PC. The wire grills are quite easy to mount. Just place them on top from the fan, mount the 4 screws and your work is carried out. They are very easy to install and are accessible in most common case fan sizes.


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