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Nexus 92MM Real Silent Case Fan - DF1209SL-3

92MM Real Silent Case Fan5 Star Rating
92MM Real Silent Case FanNexus 92MM Real Silent Case Fan DF1209SL3 Image 1Nexus 92MM Real Silent Case Fan DF1209SL3 Image 2
92MM Real Silent Case

The 92MM Real Silent Case by Nexus a great product for your computer. 0840556054061 is the EAN-13 barcode, aka the International Article Number, for this fan. The fan has got a weight of 1 lbs. Are you currently contemplating buying a 92mm case fan and you are simply looking for the very best price for this on it? Or maybe you need to know the thoughts of some other clients before you purchase a 92mm cooling fan? If that's the case you are in the right spot. 92MM Real Silent Case. If you want a great deal for this fan for your system, click on our store button on this page.

nexus real silent case quiet true

Price: $12.78


The Nexus 92mm quiet case fan features a true 19. The latest version in the Nexus Real Silent case fan comes in black and white and inside the package a set of 4 ultra-soft Silicon Fan Mounts are supplied. Yet, it measures a decent 27 CFM airflow level and is available at a reasonable price. This Nexus 92mm case fan is extremely quiet and is quieter than any other 92mm quiet case fan on the industry. This can be one instance exactly exactly where the case fan's decibel ratings haven't been understated by the manufacturer. 2 d B (a) decibel rating - measured in an anechoic chamber using ISO standards. This quiet fan also includes the added benefit of both a 3-pin motherboard power connector plus a 4-pin standard power connector making this an incredibly versatile case fan.

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  • Weight: 1 lbs.

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