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Ac Infinity AI-92SCX Speed Control Fan Kit For Cabinet Cooling, Single 92MM

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AI92SCX Speed Control Fan Kit For Cabinet
Ac Infinity AI92SCX Speed Control Fan Kit For Cabinet Cooling Single 92MM Image 1Ac Infinity AI92SCX Speed Control Fan Kit For Cabinet Cooling Single 92MM Image 2

AC Infinity

Package Quantity: 1

Adding a AI-92SCX Speed Control a great fan from Ac Infinity will likely make your pc truly feel brand spanking new. I really liked that it had the feature of contents: (1) 92mm aluminum ac fan, (2) metal guards, (1) 2-inch screw mounting set, (1) 6-feet speed control unit. Part# 0854759004136. The 92mm case fan is 1" Height x 3.6" Length x 3.6" Width. How to buy the AI-92SCX Speed Control, click on the weblink below.

Overview This AC Infinity cooling system gives you direct control with all the fans speed, allowing you to manage heat for a range of situations. When your electronics are under heavy use, you can turn it up for high performance cooling to combat the excessive heat. The dual-ball bearing axial fan is specially created to run at different speeds with minimal motor noise. Just plug it in into any regular outlet to begin cooling. Then leave it at a low speed during regular operation for that gentle breeze. Speed Control Easily turn the knob to respond to various scenarios. Can also turn the fan off. Applications This program is popular inside a assortment of applications including AV, DVR, and media cabinets; and smaller enclosures like stereos, amplifiers, computers, kegerators, and Wi-Fi boxes. Using the screw set, you can mount the fan with its two protective guards onto a wall or the side of a cabinet. It includes one 92mm aluminum AC fan, two metal guards, 1 2-inch screw mounting set, and a single 6-foot speed control unit.


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