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Panaflo Med Speed 92MM 3 Pin Fan FBA09A12M

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Med Speed 92MM 3 Pin Fan FBA09A12M


The Med Speed 92MM 3 Pin Fan FBA09A12M by Coolerguys.com a great product if your searching to buy a brand new 92mm cooling fan. I in fact loved that the fan has the feature of locked rotor protection and auto-start function. Other highlights consist of aerodynamic blade and venturi design. The fan has got a weight of 1 lbs. Have a look at a few different brands if you do not have one specially for which you favour. When you are getting a 92mm cooling fan, pick an appropriate guarantee. These feature a conventional warranty, be it four weeks or even an entire 12 months. Remember the fact that extended warranties is offered, but they come at a price and they are nearly always not needed. A little investigating should go quite some distance and with it you'll confidently buy items which you prefer. Online deals for Med Speed 92MM 3 Pin Fan FBA09A12M, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Highest quality Panaflo fans. 80w. Retail Sku 840556001157. Rated Input 1. 8. Size 92 x 92 x 25mm. Noise Dba 30. Operation Voltage 7- 13. Airflow CFM 48. Available in LOW and MEDIUM. These premium fans are referred to as high performance and low noise work horse fans. Nominal Speed R/min 2450. Features: * 3 PIN leads (not sensor active) * Operating Temperature: -10 ° C +70 ° C (65% RH) * Storage Temperature: -40 ° C +75 ° C (65% RH) * Bearing Type: Hydro Wave * Connector Type: Plug-In * Aerodynamic blade and venturi design * Locked rotor protection and auto-start function * Lower circuit noise by new IC * Easy worth add access to lead wires via plug-in connector on housing *Specifications: Medium Speed. Rated Voltage 12. All Panaflo fans include 3 Pin connector with 11inch lead for easy direct connect to Motherboard. Model # FBA09A12M. 0. Rated Current 150. 0.


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