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Panaflo/nmb-mat FBA09A12U1BX Hydro-wave 92MM Bearing Case Fan With 4 Pin Connector

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nmbmat Hydrowave 92MM Bearing Case


Color: Black

Maximise your pc's features by adding the nmbmat Hydrowave 92MM Bearing Case from Fba09a12u1bx. 0825000250978 is the EAN barcode, also called the "International Article Number" for this excellent product. The color for these 92mm case fans is black. The features include 1-year warranty and new - retail. It's 3.62"H x 3.62"L x 0.98"W and it weighs roughly 2 lbs. Awesome deal on nmb-mat Hydro-wave 92MM Bearing Case, add to cart by clicking on the link below.

Panaflo/NMB-MAT DC Axial fans from Panasonic suit a wide range of applications. Finest choice when it comes to cooling. Thanks to their exclusive"Hydro Wave"bearing system, these fans can generate a respectable airflow at really low noise level.

Rexus SKU Number 25097 Manufacture Panasonic-NMB-MAT Size/Dimension 92x92x25mm Mfg. 16 W Speed 3450 RPM (Ultra Hi-speed with RPM sensor) Air Flow 68 CFM Noise 43 d BA MTBF 50,000 hrs Packing/Weight Bulk - 100pcs/Box, 28 lbs Blister Retail box - 3pin tailed with 4 screws included Part quantity FBA09A12U1BX Bearing Type Hydro-wave (HWB) Connector Type 12"Bare wire or attachable 3pin or 4pin tail Ro HS Status Ro HS (Yes) Voltage-Rated 12V DC Power-Rated 5.


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